Yale Wolf lives in Seattle and works in his small fabrication shop on Harbor Island in The Duwamish Territory. He has a background in industrial design and uses computers and technology to work with metal and Neon. His work can be seen in the in the public space on walls, inside restaurants, on buildings as metal architectural details and also on display as a Neon spectacular. Wolf has painted artwork on various destinations on the West Coast and internationally in Puerto Rico, Europe and Southeast Asia. He has experience working at product design firms and metal fabrication shops. He collaborates with many artists and designers, in the past year he has assisted two individual artists whose artwork appeared in The Bellevue Art Museum. Wolf accomplished a major art installation Facebook headquarters and has been published in a book.



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Contact: Yale Wolf
Email for a studio visit to see current projects & artwork. Get a tour inside the 75+ year old paint factory on the Duwamish River.



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